Cross Cultural Consulting Group

Cross  Cultural Consulting Group is an organization run by women of color who provide cross cultural, multicultural training and coaching to organizations that want to become more knowledgeable about Maine’s growing refugee and immigrant community and people of color.


What We Do

Cross Cultural Consulting Group provides:

  • Bias, Diversity and Inclusion training

  • Coaching and Mediation

  • Cross Cultural Training

  • Culture Awareness and Competency

  • Cultural Broker Training

  • The Refugee Resettlement and Asylee Process, and Acculturation

  • Refugees and Education, Health and Mental Health

  • Work Related Differences

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Who We Work With

Cross Cultural Consulting Group works and partners with schools, employers, health and mental health and juvenile justice organizations to educate them about the growing diversity in Maine and beyond. Cross Cultural Consulting Groups presents cultural differences, strengths and resiliency of New Mainers and disenfranchised populations, family dynamics, including parent and child relationships, immigration, resettlement and asylum process.

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About Us

Cross Cultural Consulting Group is a company run and owned by three women of color who have been working together for over 15 years training community members and organization on cultural differences, US customs and norms and policies, sharing the experiences of all to promote an inclusion society for all. These women have vast education, knowledge and expertise on refugees, immigrants and persons of color and are strong advocates for social justice, policy and “system” change so disenfranchised persons are afforded fair and equitable treatment.

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