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After conducting a cultural awareness training for Woodford's, CCCG was asked to organize a cultural brokers training, specifically on mental health. The idea was to train lived experienced, "certified" interpreters on the US definition of mental health, developmental and intellectual disabilities. The hope was that once interpreters attended the training, they would be able to take their certificate, signed by a licensed clinical social work to a mental health facility and get hired as a freelance cultural broker. In collaboration with Woodford's, CCCG has offered the first day of the training, with the second being offered in June. We are hopeful that at least 10 cultural broker training will be trained on mental health so they can begin to assist community members with the difficult task of maneuvering through such a complex system. And, help mental health staff understand the many cultures that make up our diverse communities.students.

This committee, which still meets monthly, also helped organize two Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) events, along with partnering with Cathy Lee, Justice for Women series coordinator to bring Mariam Jalabi to UNE for an evening of laughter and quality dialogue about many issues.

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