• Bias, Diversity and Inclusion training

  • Cross Cultural Training

  • Cultural Broker Training

  • Culture Awareness and Competency

We partner with schools, employers, health and mental health and juvenile justice organizations to educate your staff about the growing diversity in Maine and beyond

Employment Facilitators

  • Focus Groups

  • Staff Observations

  • Consultations

We meet with companies and organizations to deal with employment issues centering around diversity. We have observed staff and conducted focus groups and consultations to improve communcations and relations within organizations.

Refugee Issues

  • Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Process, and Acculturation

  • Education, Health and Mental Health Issues of Refugees

  • Refugees and Trauma

Maine has a large and growing refugee population that has unique issues, challenges and opportunities.  We work with businesses, non-profits and community organizations to tailor to these New-Mainers.


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